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A definition is the explanation of a word or idea rephrased in different concepts. Within my art, I like to take definitions and deconstruct them; tearing them apart and putting them back together again- typically as one object, such as a house or a book. My work is personal and comes from my experiences because I feel that for the most part, that is all I have to derive from, or at least the deeper thing I have to derive from. I take what I know about life, love, hatred, childhood, memories, stories, and I discuss and visually talk about them. I am a storyteller and my nature pushes me to tell the stories that I can’t put into words into sculpture, into objects and experiences that can speak to people better than I can.

Although concept is most important in my work, the understanding and discovery of form comes high on the list as well. Material is highly important in my work. I prefer to work with unexpected materials that cause people to think about the concepts and the medium differently than before; I like to invoke a sense of curiosity in merely the medium. Because of this, the materials that I use are widely diverse and often make my work heavily process-based. Much of my work is about tearing down, piecing back together and repeating. With this process, my concepts change along with the physical piece, which rapidly alters everything about a piece. I usually do not expect my sculpture to come out the way I design it to because my materials tend to have a mind of their own and I am just along for the ride.

When my work gets to its finished stage, it is usually representational of something specific, but rarely utilitarian for whatever the object is. For example, my books cannot usually be read. And when they can, the narrative is an incomplete story. I prefer my work to evoke more questions than answers, more admonitions than definitives.